Last Wills and Testaments
of John and Emma R. Phillips

John Phillips
will written 1896

to wife Emma Reynolds Phillips and personal and real estate. At her death or marriage the estate to be divided among our children:

Executrix: Emma Reynolds Phillips
Witnesses W. E. Wilson,M.D.
    C. C. Abernathy

Probated 1912


Emma Reynolds Phillips
will written 1896

To husband John Phillips all personal and real estate so long as he remains unmarried. At the death or marriage of husband the property to be divided to our own children.

Executor: John Phillips
Witnesses: W. E. Wilson, M.D.
    C. C. Abernathy

Probated 1916

Source:Giles County will abstracts 1814-1900
Compiled by Clara M. Parker

Submitted by: Pam Boan