Last Will and Testament of
Henry N. Prier/Pryor

I Henry N Pryor of the County of Giles and State of Tennessee, being low health but sound in mind, do make ordain and constitute this my last will and testament, revoking all others if any of a former date,

First, I return my soul to the great Creator who gave it, implore his divine mercy for its future welfare and felicity.

Secondly I desire that my body be decently but in a plain and Chrisitian like manner interred.

Thirdly to enable my beloved wife Susan to raise and educate my minor children, I give and bequeath to her after the payment of all my just debts, all my land, stock, farming utensils, and every other species of property of which I maybe seized and possessed of at my death, giving her full power and privilege as there is a payment yet to be made on the land to collect all accounts due me and pay the same, which I hereby will to her for that purpose, and in the event the she may not be able to make the said payment, and procure the title, I further grant her the privilege to sell the said land and reinvest the residue after the payment of the amount which is unpaid in another tract of land, on which she can live and raise and educate my minor children, also if any of my sons live with her and assist her in making a support for her and the younger children I desire that she may give them as much remuneration for their labour as she may be able after the amount necessary for the support of the family, in this the third clause of my will. The benefits I have bestowed on my wife Susan, I desire for her to have and enjoy the same during her natural life at her death, I desire that the land and other property that she may have, which I have left her may be sold and equally divided among my children that may be living at that time, those that are now married to account for the advancements I have already made to them.

In witness whereof I have hereinto set my hand and affixed my seal this the 8th day of June AD 1864.

H. N. Prier (seal)


Thomas Pate, Jurat
W. J. Berry , Jurat
John G Prier, Jurat

Will of H.N. Pryor proven June Term 1865.
Entered on page 5
Recorded Book "A", page 485.

Giles County, TN, Chancery Court, 1830-1900, Vol VI File Box 4 - 3 Case 2322 - 1866

James R Dickey, Administrator & als. vs. George Prior and others. HENRY N. PRIOR died at his residence in Giles County in 1864, testate. He left widow Susan and eleven children: Eliza Jane Wisdom; George W Prior; Gracy wife of Daniel Petty; Nancy H. wife of r.W. Dickey; Aaron L; Mary E; Rufus A; Frances F; Marion F; Louisa and Samuel G Prior, the last six of whom are minors. Henry N Prior was the owner of a 230 acre tract in the 5th Civil District on Ham's Creek. He bought this property from Levi Tucker. People claiming to be Creditors against estate of Henry N Prior. Joseph B Childers; Samuel Gohily; J.M. Ross; William T Perry, J.H. Campbell, Elisssha Peden, Mary Taylor and others. The will of Henry N Prior in this Case.

File box E - 11; Case 3116 - 1892

Henry Pryer died in 1864 having made a will. Henry Pryer owned 250 acres of land on Ham's Creek. 2/3 of this land was sold to pay debts. 60 acres was sold to Thomas G English. Henry Pryer left widow Susan and 11 children. George W of Lawrence County; Eliza Jane Wisdom of State of Arkansas; Gracy M Petty wife of David Petty of Arkansas, Nancy wife of R.W. Dickey of Giles County; Adam L, who died intestate without issue; Rufus a Preyer of Wayne County; Mary E; Frances F; Marion F; Louise and Samuel G Pryer who reside in Arkansas. Land surveys.

Submitted by: Barbara Graham