Will of Elam Stevenson

In the name of God amen.

I Elam Stevenson of the county of Giles and state of Tennessee, being of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of human life do therefore make and ordain and declare this to be my last will and testament revoking all former wills by my made vis-

First- After all my just debts are paid and discharged together with my funeral expenses which I desire to be paid as soon after my death as possible- It is my sincere desire that all my children shall have an equal share of my estate. Therefore I have charged each one of them with the amount I have advanced them which they are to account for without interest- an final settlement with the execution the advancement to each of them as shown in my account books is as follows-

To Catherine A. Hamelton, seven hundred and sixty-one dollars.
To William P. Stevenson, six hundred and twenty-one dollars & eighty cents..
To James P. Stevenson, six hundred dollars..
To Abner A. Stevenson, one thousand forty-eight dollars & ninety cents.
To Willis M. Stevenson, six hundred dollars.
To John B. Stevenson, seven hundred and twenty-four dollars & sixty-five cents.
To Thomas C. Stevenson, five hundred and three dollars & thirty cents.
To Lydia A. McGuire, five hundred, thirty-three dollars and sixty-four cents.
To Elam A. Stevenson, one thousand and six dollars & sixty-six cents.
To Gilbert W. Stevenson, eight hundred and four dollars & sixteen cents.

Furthermore give my tract of land to my two sons James C. Stevenson and Willis M. Stevenson to be divided by them and valued by disinterested men an a credit of one and two years and they are to account to the heirs for the amount and if they or either of them should refuse to receive the land at the valuation there ( then ) the land is to be sold to the highest bidder an one and two years credit and the proceeds to be divided among the legates equally together with the residence ( residue ) of my estate.

And as my son Thomas C. Stevenson has become involved in debt and is unable to pay at present- his brother James C. Stevenson what he justly owes him my son James C. Stevenson having paid off a judgment for him amounting to about three hundred and six dollars and as it is the desire and request of Thomas C. Stevenson it is my will that this amount with the interest thereon be paid out of my estate to James C. Stevenson and be deducted from Thomas C Stevenson's interest in my estate.

I hereby constitute and appoint my son Willis M. Stevenson my executor. To this my last will and testament- in testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and affixed my seal this the 30th day of March 1874.

Elam Stevenson ( mark & seal )
Witness- A.M. Wilson & John W. Young.

Submitted by: Mary (Stevenson) Hulsey

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