Will of William T Surles

I am transcribing the will of William T Surles as written in the original.

I William T Surles of the county of Giles State of Tennessee being in bad helth of boddy, but of sound mind and memory, Desirous of setting my wordly affairs, Do in the presants of these witnesses make my last will and testament as follows, First I bequeath my soul to god who gave it and my boddy to the dust from wence it came Second I gave all of my personal property and real estate to my beloved wife Eliza Ann, her natural life after her death, to be equely devied between my three children Charles W Mary E and rebecca Ann, after all of my just debts and furnerl expenses are paid I also apoint John E Abernathy my execetor of said will, given under my hand and seal This 30th day of march 1871.

William T (X) Surels (seal)

Test Alfred West

William Harwell

James A (X) Surles

Submitted by Norma Rogers