Will of Anderson Tucker

Will written 1861

To wife Stacy Tucker and my son Carroll tract of land where I live during her natural life or widowhood then to Carroll provided he pays his sister Stacy Jane one hundred dollars within twelve months after my decease. At wife's decease remaining to be equally divided between all daughters. Son Levi has received his portion except one dollar. To daughter Sarah Commens twenty six acres lying west of where A. T. Quarles lives.

Witness James M. Wells, H. N. Prier

Probated 1865

Submitted by Betty Moore

Will of George B. Tucker

Will written 1859

My widow Margaret Tucker to occupy my household now owned by me and as much of household furniture, stock & provisions during her natural life. To daughter Rebecca Tucker two hundred fifty dollars. At wife's death estate to be sold and divided between all children. Those who have not received a horse who are my daughters Elenor Kyle wife of William P. Kyle, Levoy N. wife of Gustus T. Campbell and Loraine Bee wife of William Bee and Rebecca Tucker each in lieu of horse thirty dollars. Sons M. R. & John P. C. who have not received a bed to receive in lieu of bed ten dollars.

Executor Daniel Tucker, M. R. Tucker
Witness: Joseph L. Edmundson, Richard R. Meadows.

Probated 1860

Submitted by Betty Moore