Will of George W. Tucker

Tucker, George W.--------------Will written 1881; Wife Mary Jane my tract of land for benefit of our minor children to be educated as our older children have been. All children are to be made equal. All my place to be held together and at wife's death to be sold and equally divided among all my children with twenty five dollars to each minor child per year until they arrive of age.

Executor: Brother-in-law, Issac L. Smith.
Witness: Joseph L. Edmundson, Joshua C. Phellps, Daniel A. Tucker

Probated 1882

Submitted by Betty Moore

Will of Jane Tucker

Will written 1886

To Mary Rusel niece all my effects except bureau to Sarah Abernathy, step-daughter.

Executor; W. V. Smith.
Witness: R. B. Harwell, J. S. Harwell

Probated 1892

Submitted by Betty Moore