Last Will and Testament of
Henry Watson

State of Tennessee - Giles County

I Henry Watson of Giles County Tennessee being of sound mind, do make and publish the following as my last will and testament hereby revoking all others by me at any time made.

Item first - I will to my wife Margaret Watson all the tract of land on which I now live, including the tract of land I purchased from R.F. Holland containing 57 acres and forming the tract of on which I know live, and at the death of my wife Margaret the land willed to her shall go to my daughter Susan Wilson.

Item 2nd - I will to my wife Margaret all my personal property, including money on hand, notes, and all other personal property, and all the personal property as above stated is left to my wife at my death solely for her benefit, to be used by her as she may wish, and to be disposed of as she may will and direct, except one hundred and twenty five dollars which I will to my ___________ daughter _________ Lori Cardin to buy her a horse.

Item 3rd - That the tract of land which I have heretofore given to my daughter Ann Cardin and her husband J. L. Cardin shall at the death of J. L. Cardin shall go to their two children Lori Cardin and Lee Cardin or the said J. L. Cardin if he prefers to, he can pay to the said Lori Cardin and Lee Cardin one thousand dollars each, and hold the right of the land.

In testimony whereof I herein to set my signature, this the 6th day of April 1893.

Henry Watson


The foregoing will was signed and acknowledged by Henry Watson in our presence, and we have surely subscribed our names hereto as subscribing witnesses in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other.

This the 6th day of April 1893

J.M. Bass
B.F. Bradley
John E. Bullow


Probated Dec 11, 1893

Submitted by: Charles Gardner