Last Will and Testament
Robert Williams

State of Tennessee  Giles County

I Robert Williams being sick & not knowing when I may die, & being of perfect memory and recollection do make & declare this my last Will & Testament. 

My body I resign to the Earth from whence it came in that way my friends think best and my soul to the Giver hoping for life and Immortality through the Redeemer of mankind. 

Item: I give and bequeath to Nancy Paine Daughter of James Paine my Trunk, in which I keep my clothes,

Item I give & bequeath to Ralph Williams my Brother my Saddle & Bridle, together with all my wearing clothes.

Item. I Give & Bequeath to Robert Paine, son of James Paine, my Mare. 

Item. I Give & Bequeath to Lucreatia Williams, my Sister after paying all my just Debts all my lands & Testaments, Goods & Chattels of every description which I enjoy or possess either in my own right or that of my father, grandfather or any other person.

Lastly I nominate & appoint my brother John W. Williams, executor of this my last will & Testament declaring this my last and only Will.

In testimony whereof  I have hereunto set my hand & Seal this sixteenth day Decm. 1814


Gab. Bumpass X I.                                           Robert Williams    (Seal)

James Paine X I.


State of Tennessee

Giles County Court March Term 1815

This Within Instrument of Writing was produced in Open Court at Said Session and proven to be the Last Will and Testament of Robert Williams dec�d by the Oaths of Gabriel Bumpass and James Paine the Subscribing Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be Recorded.


In testimony Whereof I German Lester
Clerk of said Court have here-
unto set my hand and affixed
The seal of said Court at office
In Pulaski this 8th day of
June A. D. 1815

German Lester Clk
State of Tennessee
Giles County Court

I John Dickey presiding Justice of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions ------- for said County do Certify that German Lester who signed the foregoing Certificate is the clerk of said Court duly Qualified and that due faith is and ought to be given to his official acts as such.

Given under my hand and seal this 8th day of June 1815.

John Dickey (Seal)

No Carolina
August Term 1815--

Person County This Will with the annex Certificates was produced in Open Court and Ordered to be recorded.


Lesse Decking ccc

The Last Will

Testament of

Ro. Williams


March Co. ,1815

Recorded in Book -------Pages 29 & 30

L Decking ccc


Submitted by: Joe Max Williams.