Will of Willis Worley

"I, Willis Worley of Giles County, Tennessee, farmer, being of sound mind and good memory, do hereby declare and make this my last will and testament. That is to say: I make my wife Margaret Worley general agent to wind up my estate, to collect all debts due my estate and pay all my indebtedness, so far as she is able, as speedily as possible. I made a deed to J.A. Jackson in 1881 of conveyance of a tract of land lieing [sic] in Marshall County, and it is my desire that the said land be conveyed as soon as possible. Having full faith that my wife is honest and will wind up my estate justly, and it is my request that she shall not be restricted by giving security to any man. It is my order and request, after my estate is wound up, that whatever is left shall be equally divided between my last wife and her children now living. I direct that my first children, having received their share of my property, have no shares or parcel in my present estate, they having received a fair divide of my property.

"In witness whereof I have made my mark and published and declared this instrument as my will, at my residence on this 22nd day of July 1882."

Willis (his X mark) Worley [seal]

Margaret E. Worley, executrix

The said Willis Worley at said place and on said day made his mark and sealed this instrument and published and declared this same as his last will. And we, at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other, have hereunder written our names as subscribing witnesses.

{ Samuel E. Mason

{ W. G. Lloyd

Attests { ____ M Cormack

{ Wm. K. W. Knight

Probated August 7, 1882

Recorded in Will Book B, Page 401

A few notes:

An 1882 court document, R.W. Worley vs. Margaret E. Worley, states Willis Worley died at home on July 28, 1882. It lists the children of Willis and Margaret as P.V., Daniel, fannie, Sully, H. Clay, Robert, Tully and Maggie. It lists the children and grandchildren of his first marriage as G.W., R.W., William M. and W.P. Worley, and Elizabeth Jackson. His dead daughter Martha�s children are listed as Arthur, Elbridge, Winfield, and Mosley Pack. This data can be found in File Box W-15, Case 4047.

The 1860 Giles County, Tennessee, census lists the following people in the household of Willis Worley, 41: Margaret, 22; Martha, 15; Charity, 14; Windfield, 12; William, 8; George, 7; Willis P., 4; Pinckney, 1; and Pinckney Kenedy, 16.

Submitted by: Vanessa Winans