Giles Countians
Photo Album

Archibald Young Archibald Oliver Young
Photo taken early 1880's

Submitted by: Norma Rogers

Allen W. Stephenson
Son of Sylvester and Mary Stephenson
b. 1850

Submitted by: Tom Stephenson

Allen Stephenson

Mary Stephenson Mary Holt Stephenson
Wife of Sylvester Brown Stephenson
Giles County resident ca. 1850

Submitted by: Tom Stephenson

Maude Felker Neal, and her sisters

This photo is of Elizabeth and James Neal's son's wife, Maude Felker and her sisters.

Submitted by: Sue Davis
Wife of Kingley Neal and sisters

John and Nancy Neely John A. Neely

and wife

Nancy Jane Dollins

Submitted by:
Virginia White Keefer