Photo Index

Abernathy Brothers
Darthula Abernathy
James Sidney Abernathy
Rachel Henerita Ryland Abernathy
Robert Campbell Abernathy
and Oswald Thomas
Three Friends
Abernaby, Thomas, Townsend
William T Abernathy & grandchildren
Anderson Creek School 1908
Anderson Creek School,
Year Unknown
Hume Daniel Anderson
Matthew H. Anderson
Mary Cameron Anderson
Minnie Loretta Anderson
Robert and Margaret Anderson
Uriah H. Anderson
Amanda Hortensey Appleton
Sam Appleton and
Mary Appleton Clark
Mary, Albert and Alberta Austin
Minnie Cotham Ross Austin
Orville Harold Ewing Austin
Myrtle Tatum Ayers and Lou Smith
Henry Bailey
Colonel John Goff Ballentine
Thomas & Lela Barlar
William & Susan Barlar Family
Henry Wade Barrett
Wade & Amelia Barrett
Dr. William Thomas Barrett
Bass Reunion - Early 1900
Martha E. Bass
General Steven H. Bass
Thomas Edward Bass
William Beatey Bass
W. H. Bass and Family
Bessie and Clyde Beard
Children of Willis and Mary Beard
Ida Annie Beard
Sam B. and Tula E. Beard
Willis Beard
John F. and Mary Beavers
William N. and Sarah Ann "Sallie" Simpson Beckham
Robert Cobb Berryman
and Martha Matilda Reed
Lillian Mae Shelton Birdsong
Thomas E. Birdsong Family
George Allen Boone
Bodenham Baseball Team, cir. 1910
Bodenham School, Unknown Year
Richard Boyd Family
Lucile Braden
Bragg Sisters
Edward Isaac Brownlow and Family
Five Brownlow Generations
Franklin and Mahala Brownlow
Henry and Addie Brownlow
James E. and Harriet R. Brownlow
James S. and Elizabeth P. Brownlow
Mary Ada Abernathy Brownlow
William P. and Amber White Brownlow
Bunker Hill Elementary School - 1914
Sarah Adelaide Burns
Martha Jane Butler
Xantippi Butler and
Mayetta Bethania Butler
Julia Velma Callahan
Bertha, Irvine and Mary Cameron
Irvine Turner Cameron
Amasa and Maria Goldsberry Campbell
Birdie Campbell
Clarence Campbell
Clarence Campbell Family
Della Campbell
Della and Virginia Mai Campbell
Dutch Campbell
Mary Sophronia Alexander Campbell
Pearl Campbell
Thomas Hugh and Jemima White Campbell
Carter Family of Giles County
Brown and Will Carter
Sallie Carter
Barnes Cathcart
Lillie Cathcart
Cedar Grove School 1947-48
Simpson Wm. Chapman Family
Jimmy W. Charles and Dewey & Wilma Charles
Mary Appleton Clark
and Son George A. Clark
George, Paul and Ruth Clark
George, Thomas, and Paul Clark
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Clark
Mary Catherine Sneed Clark
Etta Jane Burge Shelton Claud
Sarah Frances Clem
Benjamin Franklin Clifton
Frank and Ann Clifton
John Martin Clifton
Almus Smith Cobb
Donna Bell Cobb
George A. G. Cobb
Celia Adeline Cole
"Jack" Cole Family
Cole - Gilbert Family
Earl and Jack Cole
Lewis Houston Cole
Lewis Houston Cole Family
Louisa Elizabeth Balch Cole
William Kelly Cole
E. J. Colston
James Carroll Colvett
Albert & Eva Compton
Homer & Mattie Compton
Isaac & Barbara Compton
Elisha Thomas Condley
and Elizabeth Beck
Phelan L. Counce
and Perhaps Peter Counce
Covey Family
Dabney and Robbins Family Reunion
Joe H. Dabney
Ruth J. Robbins Dabney,
Hattie Ruth Holmes Dabney,
and Louis Samuel James
Josiah and Julia Daley
Asa Tillman Daly and Wife,
Mary Lee Holland-Daly
Mary Holland-Daly and Children
George A. Davis
George Lawson Davis and wife
Mary Almeda Bass Davis
George Washington Davis
Mary Eliza Maclin Davis
Lucy, Ruby, William & Mary Dawson
Lucinda E. Harvell Dean
Thomas Matthew Downs
William & Mary Durham
Joe and Amelia Edmondson
Gladys Ellard
Hugh Allan English
Hugh Kenny English
James Campbell English
Childhood James Campbell English
James Campbell English with Car
James C. and Mary English
Jewell and Martha English
John T. English and Sallie Bell Locke English Children
Martha English and Helen Morris Zuccarello
Martha English at Marcella Falls
Mary Etta (Hays) English
Martha Jane (Brownlow) English
May Ella (Campbell) English
Myrtle Mae (Hays) English
Thomas Goss English
Jacob and Darnitia Eubank Children
Thomas Eubank/Eubanks
Andrew J. Felker
Duggie and Ella Felker
with three older children
Children of Duggie and Ella Felker
John Solomon Gorman Felker
John S. G. Felker Children
William Houston "Huse" Felker
Horace Upshaw and Nancy J. R. Fogg
Lee Roy, Georgie C. R., and Lee S. Fogg
Stephen & Ida Jane Follis Family
James Marion and Emily Brownlow Forsythe
Frankewing School in the year 1945
Frankewing School in the year 1951
Tazwell Gilbert Family and Homestead
Tazwell Gilbert and John Case
Giles County School, circa 1895
Richard Bethel Goff
and Harriet Amanda Milam-Goff
The Gordons
Andrew R. Gordon
Brig. Gen. George Washington Gordon
Major John Gordon
William Henry Gordon
Adeline (Addie) Graves
W. E. Greer
The Children of I. C. and Lizzie Mae Griffin
Ingomar Clark Griffin
Ingomar Clark Griffin and Jenaro Griffin Families
Adonald Theodore Judson Griffis
Charlie Will Griffis
Laura Mae Womble Griffis
Lewis Edward Griffis
Edgar Gross
The Children of James and Beulah Gunter
Gunter Family Members
The Gunter Sisters
John Clinton Hannah Family
John C. and Martha Hannah
Tranquilla Jane Reed Hannah
Joe & Ephraim Hardiman
CCC Camp 1468
John E. Hardiman
John Thomas Hardiman Family
William & Margaret Hardiman
James Rufus and Lena Harris Family
George W. and Mary Harvell
James H. C. and Isabell Harvell
Samuel and Elizabeth Harvell
Earl, Ethel & Ann Hastings
Ethel Mae Hastings
Ethel Mae Hastings #2
George Hastings
John & Lillie Hastings
Joseph & Sarah Hastings
John & Lillie Hastings
Marvin Hastings
Newton Jerome Hastings
Alfred and Adne Hays
Mary Etta Hays
Myrtle Mae Hays
Robert Nathaniel Hays
William & Mary Hays
Avie Sarah Catherine Thomas Hendrix
Lum Hendrix and Family
Lum Hendrix Family
ca. 1945
Hickman Children
Martha Ann Thurman Hickman
Erwin and Martha Ann Hickman
Daughters of
Erwin and Martha Ann Hickman
Ione Dabney Hicks
Elizabeth Jones Hillis
Abner Ira Holland
and Perlinia Toone
Eugene and Raymond Horne
Rachael House
Captain Hiram Taylor Hunnicutt
Grady and Eva Jackson
Joseph S. and Lydia Jackson
Raymond and Emma Jackson
John Wesley and Ophelia James
Gilbert and Mary Solomon Johns
Calvin C. Johnson
John Harris Johnson Family
Lawton H. Johnson
Children of
Thomas W. and Sarah Hamilton Johnson
Thomas W. and Lucy Owens Johnson
Emmanual & Henrietta Joines
George & Elizabeth Joines
Judge Thomas McKissack Jones
Jones Family
David & Julia A. Hasting Jumper
David Kelley and Friends
Elizabeth Kennedy
Rev. Addison Mitchell Kerr
Family of Addison M. Kerr
David Peter Kincaid
James Hilliard Kincaid
Justin Ewing Knox
Justin & Eleanor Knox
James and Katherine Lanier
John C. Lanier and Family
John Thomas Lanier and Family
Otis Lanier
William H. Lanier and Family
Tom and Peggy (Maragret) Lawrence
James and Bertha Lee Lewis
Emma Lee Randolph Long
Lota Hendrix Long
Nathan Gipson Long
Nathan Green Long
Rebecca Longshore Long
Wilson Long
Ollie and Thelma Luna
James and Mary Marbut
Benjamin Grigsby Mason, Jr.
Peter Mason
Ephraim and Martha McCollum
Lucious W. and Martha H. McCollum
Louisa Ann McCollum
Robert McCutcheon
Joseph Munroe McGill
George W. and Mary Laura Legg McGuire
Greene and Nancy Grant Miller
Minor Hill School
Class of 1908
Minor Hill Senior Class 1947
Mariah Harvell Mitchell
Herchel Hugh Mize
Nola Mize & son Herchel
Ausburn R. Moore and Family
Pink, Lacy, and Mark Montgomery
William Mortimer Montgomery Family
Lura Ellen Kouns Montgomery
James M. Mullins 75th B-day
Elizabeth Neely Neal
Elizabeth Neely Neal, husband James, and their sons
Maude Felker Neal and Sisters
Sarah Jane Neeley (Felker)
James Neely/Neeley
and wife Lucretia Maben
John A. Neely
and wife Nancy Jane Dollins
Edward Elmore Neely, Sr.
and Lota Ethel White
Charles W. Nelson Families
William Franklin Newton
James Cox Nixon and
his wife Sally Gully Nixon
Thomas H. Noblit, 2nd
The Norwood Brothers, 1903
Edna Marbut and S. Norwood
Andrew Coffman Overton
Andrew, Alice, and John Tom Overton, ca. 1908
Mattie P. Reed Overton
Robert Lee Parker and Mattie Brownlow Parker
William Lafayette Pearson
and Sara Pigg Pearson
James David and Auvelene Pickett
Pierce Family
Children of
Fitzhugh and Katherine Pierce
1911-12 Prospect School
1914 Prospect School
1904 Puncheon School
Mary Joan Clark Purcell
and her parents
Caleb C. Reagin
Thomas Caleb Reagin
Family of Thomas Caleb Reagin
Atlas J. and Sarah Bowers Reeves
Atlas Montazoma Reeves
Benjamin and Alta Reeves
John Reeves and School Class
Margaret Cassandra Phillips Reeves
Hortense "Tennie" Montezuma Reeves
Sarah Harvell Richardson
Simeon and Sarah Harvell Richardson
Margaret K. (Maggie) Richey
Thomas Coke Richey
James T. Robbins and
sister, Virginia Robbins
Ruth Holmes Robbins
Joe and Maggie Roberts
John and Mary Roberts
Oscar and Melissa Roberts
Oscar Roberts Family
David and Martha A. Rochelle
John Henry Rochelle and Family
William "Billy" Rochelle and Family
Wiley Richard Rodgers
George Washington Rogers
Lura Gertrude Worsham Rogers
Winfield Rogers
James Roper
Roper Family
Eliza Williams Ross
James Marshall Ross
John Martin Ross
John & Eliza Ross
Alfred & Marcella Rowe
James W. Rowe and Family
Liney and Clarence E. Rowe
and grandson Keith Reed
Raymond Rowe and grandmother
"Betty" Haley-Medley
James Nelson and Elizabeth Lanier Russell
James W. Russell
Sarah Ann Embry Sands
William Thomas Sands
William Thomas Sands and Daughters,
Nina Elizabeth Richardson and
Bertha Mae Thurman
John Wesley Savage
Margaret Elizabeth Savage
Brownie Sellers
Nelson (Nels) Shelton
Shelton Family
The Reverend Andrew Smith
Isaac Smith's Four Sons
Col. Gaines Chism Smith, CSA
Jennie Lee McMahon Smith
Frances Smith (Flowers)
Mary Smith
Mary Lee and Frances Smith
Nancy Mullins Smith
Sam Smith
Sara and Ann Smith
The Smith Children
Pleasant and Rosanna Sneed
Claud and Carrie Solomon
George Stacy & Estel Hall
Parthenia Stafford
Stanford Family
Stella School 1915 or 1916
Abner Stevenson
Elam Stevenson
Elam Augusta Stevenson and wife,
Hannah Celia Carolan Wright
Frank Leslie Stephenson
James M. Stevenson and Family
Lydia Stevenson
Mary Holt Stephenson
Sylvester Brown Stephenson
Sarah Charity Briggs Storey
Mary Louisa Strawn
Clarence Sulcer
Ariande E. (Abernathy) Swanson
William Mayfield Swinney
Clarence Tate
Lena Tate (Huggins)
Nettie Tate (Bronnon)
Mr & Mrs Tatum
Thomas and Lula Tatum
David Thomas Family
Hoffman Larrimore Thomas,
Oswald White Thomas
W. C. Thomas
James Albert Thomas
and Lulu T. White
Willie T. Miller Abbott Thurman and Family
Susan Leah Tombs
Tomerlin Family
McKelvey (Kelvey)Tomerlin
Robert and Viva Townsend
Nancy Graham Turner
Jacob Vance
John Vance
Pony & Lucy Waldrop
Thomas & Julia Wall
George and Malissa Warren
with James B. and Emma Kincaid
and Children
Henry J. Warren & Mary Ann Minerva Collier
John B. Warren & Rachel Hunt Warren
Nathan Anderson Warren & Louiza Balch
William Albert and Alice A. Warren
Alice Headricks Watkins
Ephraim Watkins
Logan Cal Watkins and friends
at Peach Sawmill
Mildred Christine Watkins
William & Mary Watson
Wyatt & Eunice Watson
Dr. Theophilus "Dr. Pomp" Westmoreland
White Brothers
Bessie Elmira White
Celia Ann Curbo White
David Elmer White
Henry Clay White
James A. and Nancy White
James Monroe White and
Amanda T. Warren White
John Lewis White and
Belle Abernathy White
Mattie S. White
Santford and Amanda White
Thomas Morgan White
Ulysses G. and Emma White
William Clark White
and Family
William Clark (Babe) White
William H.
and Carrie Alsup White
Claude Whitefield
Bill Wilburn & wife
Robert & Elizabeth Wilburn
Willeford Family
Hardy Willeford
Anderson Mullen Williams
Benjamin Wright Williams
Harry Junior and Paul Williams
Myrtle Williams
FM & Julia Hooks Worsham
Harrison C. and Mary R. Wray
Andrew and Ann Hays Yokley
James Yokley
Sam Yokley
Archibald Oliver Young