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Gunter Family Members
Gunter Family Members

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Front Row: Marie Roberts, West Gunter, Zora Holt, Elwood Gunter, James Franklin Gunter, and Offie Newton.

Back Row: Mahlon Gunter, Elmo Gunter, Eliza Jean McAfee, Lula Bass, Leona Melton, Orleana McAfee, Willie McAfee.

James Franklin Gunter is my Grandfather. The Gunters came to Giles County from Lincoln County in the 1870's. All the Gunters in this photo married and lived the rest of their lives in eastern Giles County near what is now the Frankewing community.

Submitted by: Beth Mize

R. B. Goff and Wife, Harriet Richard Bethel Goff
and Harriet Amanda Milam-Goff

Richard B. Goff, b. 25 Nov 1827 Pulaski, Giles Co.
Died in Woodville, Indian Territory.
Buried at the
Cherry Mounds Cemetery,
Grayson County, TX
Married 1) Precheta Anna Holmes
2) Harriet Amanda Milam.

Submitted by: James Goff

W. E. Greer

This photo of W. E. Greer was mailed to Hugh Cook Brownlow in Texas, between the years of 1898-1905. With this photo there were two photos of children about a year old: Allene Greer and Rob Greer. We believe W. E. Greer was the father of Allene and Will Rob Greer. We also believe that W. E. Greer was the brother of my great grandmother, Jane F. Greer Brownlow.

Submitted by: Nancy Carter

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W. E. Greer

Marie Roberts West Gunter Zora Holt Elwood Gunter James Franklin Gunter Offie Newton Mahlon Gunter Elmo Gunter Eliza Jean McAfee Lula Bass Leona Melton Orleana McAfee Willie McAfee