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Ausburn Moore & Family Ausburn R. Moore and Family

This is a photo (cir. 1890, Red River Co., TX) of Ausburn Rowland Moore, b. 11 Jan 1839 Giles County, TN, d. 20 Jan 1925, Clarksville, Red River Co., TX; and his wife Nancy Elizabeth Young Moore, b. 21 April 1844, Giles County, d. 28 Jul 1893, English, Red River Co., TX. They were married 1 Jan 1861 Giles County, TN.

Submitted by: David Moore

William Paisley Brownlow
and bride, Amber White

The photo was made about 1909 in Giles County, TN. Amber died 2 years later in childbirth. She and infant are buried at Stella Cemetery in Giles County

Amber White   28 Jul 1892 - 19 Jan 1911

William Paisley Brownlow   15 Jul 1890 - 7 May 1961
  Son of James Sterling Brownlow and Mary Elizabeth Paisley.

Submitted by: Leland Carter
Brownlow Descendant

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William Brownlow and wife

William Clark White and Family William Clark White and Family

Eliza Wilkerson 12 Jan 1823 - 10 May 1894
Willliam Clark White 8 Aug 1820 - 24 Dec 1864
They are buried in the family plot in Shoal Bluff Cemetery.

William Clark White was born in Lincoln Co TN. He was murdered December 24, 1864, Christmas Eve, in front of his wife and several children. Eliza had her baby, Clark "Babe" White two days later. Giles Co has a Babe White Bridge.

William moved to Giles Co from Lincoln Co because he thought the political climate was better in Giles Co. He had much already taken from his farm and had hidden what was left with his sons to care for. They wanted him to tell them where he had hidden his stock. When he refused, they murdered him. That is the sad part. He was murdered by men from his own home town, not mere strangers, two of whom were his nephews.

Eliza was the daughter of Lewis and Isabel Wilkerson.

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Submitted by: Virginia (Ginny) Keefer

Eliza Wilkerson White William K. White Lewis White John Wesley White James Monroe White William Clark White Charlotte Isabel White Bullington