Giles Countians
Photo Album

Norwoods and Chair The Norwood Brothers, 1903

Front row: William, 72; the vacant chair is for Charles
whose death resulted from the Civil War, and George 67.
Back row: Thomas "Bud", 63; Jim, 58;
and Syeas "Sye" 53.

Of their nine children, five of the boys fought in the Civil War. William, Charles, and Edmund joined the Confederate Army; George Washington, James, and brother-in-law Levi Thompson joined the Union Army.

Submitted by: Alfred Tomerlin, Jr.

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Thomas W. Johnson 1837-1918
and Lucy Frances Owens Johnson 1900-1943

Submitted by: Pat Coleman

Thomas and Lucy Johnson

Steven Hix BassSteven Hix Bass Wife?
General Steven Hix Bass and Wife, Emira R. Crook

These two photos were bought in Knoxville, TN at a yard sale. They were together in a Civil War era wallet. The soldier is identified on the back as General Steven Hix Bass and the photographer was C. S. Judd. It appears that this photo was slated to be sent to a colorist - see the reverse.

Submitted by: Merlin McCormack

Mildred Christine Watkins Mildred Christine Watkins
Of Giles County, Tennessee

Obituary of Mildred Christine

Submitted by: Mike Watkins

Finis Johnson
and wife Fannie Davis Johnson

lived on Rose Hill in Giles.
They were the parents of 9 sons and 1 daughter.
His parents were Thomas W. Johnson and
Sarah E. Hamilton Johnson.

Submitted by: Pat Coleman
Finis and Fannie Johnson