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Minor Hill School - 1908
Minor Hill School - 1908

The middle 3 girls, whose pictures are scratched out,
are believed to be my grandmother and her sisters.
Clara (Watkins), Edith (Doster), and Ruth (Quinn) Petty.

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Submitted by: Mike Watkins.

Sawmill at Peach
Sawmill at Peach
From L to R: Clarence McCuin Petty, W C Collins, Homer Price and Logan Cal Watkins. Taken about 1915 at Peach, Tennessee. I do know know who W C Collins was. I remember a little about Homer Price. Logan Cal Watkins was my grandfather and Clarence Petty his father-in-law and my great grandfather.

Submitted by: Mike Watkins.

John Wesley James
and wife
Ophelia Eubanks James

John Wesley James was born 17 April 1866, and died 21 Dec 1935. He was the son of John Napoleon Boneparte James and Mary C. Daugherty. Ophelia Eubanks (21 Jan 1870 - 3 Feb 1962) was the daughter of Jacob and Dionacia Eubanks. John W & Ophelia's son Solon married Vera Miller.

Submitted by: Sue Davis

John Wesley and Ophelia James

Mary Catherine Sneed Clark
of Giles County

Daughter of Pleasant and Roseanna Sandusky Sneed.

Submitted by: Sue Davis
Mary Catherine Clark

William Mayfield Swinney William Mayfield Swinney

Born 1856 in Giles County, TN

Submitted by:
Pat Coleman