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Anderson Creek School, Giles County
November 6, 1908

Anderson Creek School 1908

Back Row-Left to Right: No. 1-Etta Williams Walker, No. 6-Hautie Graves Ashworth, School Teacher-Clara Cole
Row No. 3-Left to Right: No. 7-Helen Henson Vick, No 8-Kate Ashworrth Harris
Row No. 2-Left to Right: No. 10-Perry Henson
Row No. 1-Left to Right: No. 4-Jessie Graves Calvert

Submitted by: Mildred Brown

Anderson Creek School, Giles County
Year Unknown

Anderson Creek School

The names may be out of order, as they are very hard to read.

Left to Right: Will--------, Maggie Lemay, Robert Lemay, Elac Henson, Hollis ----, Mary Bennett, _______ Henson.

Third Row: Rorco ? Pilkenston, Albert Henson, W. H. Henson, Viola Martin, Not Known, Susie ----, Wendell Pilkerton, James Bennett, Tomy Reynolds, Bill West, E. Pilkinton, ------ Collier, Joe B., Elbert Reynolds, Gigie ?, Teacher Leda Collier, Bud Lemay, Supt.? Will Farinsworth, Ray Pilkenton?, Hautie Graves Sub. Teacher, Herbert Reynolds.

Second Row: Grace Collier, Jessie Lemay, John -----, Lizzie Pilkerston, William Henson, ----- Brown, Dovie Dial, Tucker Henson, Cl---- Reynolds, Albert Ayers, Mamie-----, Henry Dial, Clarence Reynolds. There are several more names which are unreadable.

Submitted by: Mildred Brown

Joe H. Dabney Joe Haywood Dabney

The son of
John Haywood Dabney and Ruth J. Robbins,
born May 14, 1882 in Giles Co.
and died July 6, 1937 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX.
He is buried in Kaufman City Cemetery,
Kaufman, Kaufman Co., TX.

Submitted by: Debbie Cromwell

Orville E. Austin

Orville E. Austin

Minnie Ross Austin

Minnie Ross Austin

Submitted by: Cindy Horne Lambert