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Marcus M. MITCHELL, d. 9-1836, GI Cty., TN mar. Elizabeth (PARHAM?), d. ca 11-1845

1. Nathaniel P. MITCHELL

2. Marcus MITCHELL

3. James W. MITCHELL

4. Elizabeth G. MITCHELL mar. after cod. of father Charles T. DANDRIDGE

5. Robert C. MITCHELL

6. Mary P. MITCHELL d. 1853 GI Cty., TN mar. 1) ante 1831 Frances Lee MCNAIRY, b. 7-26-1802, d. 9-21-1837

a. Robert L. MCNAIRY, b. 12-6-183, d. 4-27-1904, AR, mar. 2) 1844-46, LEFTWICH

7. Lucy C. MITCHELL mar. Harrington L. FIELDS

8. Sarah Ann MITCHELL, mar. Jeremiah REASONOVER

9. Susan MITCHELL mar. Soloman H. SNOW

10. Harriet MITCHELL, d. ca 1844, mar. William MEREDITH

a. David M. MEREDITH b. Mary E. MEREDITH


e. Harriet MEREDITH

Wm. ARROWSMITH & Elijah A. BEASLEY Bondsmen for adm.?


Thos. WESTMORELAND, Jesse WESTMORELAND and William WELLS of GI Cty., TN to Marcus MITCHELL of DV Cty., TN $440, 200 A on waters of Richland Creek. Wit. Pattitier CRITTINGTON & Buckner HARWELL. GI Cty. D.B. A1810, p. 76


James MITCHELL from John HENDERSON both of GI Cty., TN, for $100, 34 A on Richland Creek, part of tract conveyed by Samuel DUNCAN to heirs of John CARSON dec�d. to John HENDERSON, adj. land conveyed by CARSON to MITCHELL. Wit. Jesse VANHOOSE and Alexander STINSON. GI Cty. Deed BK. B1812, p. 378


Marcus MITCHELL from Comm. of Pulaski, $40.125, lots 89 and 91 in Pulaski, bounded on N by Lot 90, E by 2nd st., 50 P altogether. GI Cty. D.B. G1826, p. 137


Jesse MITCHELL from David CROOK for $100, 50 A on waters of Indian Creek of Elk River, part of a 175 1/2 A purchased of James PAINE, being part of 1280 A PAINE purchased of William POLK, adj. 25 1/2 A tract David CROOK purchased of James PAINE. Wit. M. H. BUCHANAN and James BUMPASS. GI Cty. D.B. D1819, p. 423


Jobe CANNON and James SAMPLE, exors. of John CARSON, dec�d., of Meck. Cty., NC, to James MITCHELL of GI Cty. for $150, 50 A on waters of Richland Creek, adj. Alexander STINSON. Wit. James A. BRADLEY & John MCCORD. GI Cty. D.B. C1817, p. 346


Isabella MITCHELL formerly Isabella ELLIOTT, sister to Simon ELLIOTT, dec�d., of Oan Cty., TN to Charles LONG of Bedford Cty. and Isaac ELLIOTT of Sumner Cty., TN for $100 sells her interest or part in lands or the real estate lying which is now lying in the State of TN or elsewhere, all her legal claim ... Wit. Thomas MITCHELL and William MCNALL. GI Cty. D.B. D1819, p. 251

1820 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen.

Marcus MITCHELL 301.110-24010-31

John MITCHELL 101.110-001.10-5

Thomas MITCHELL 200.010-200.10-1

James MITCHELL 200.010-410.10-0


Martha MITCHELL, wife of Jesse MITCHELL, daughter of Richard ATKINS, from Richard ADKINS for natural love and affection I have hath bequeathed to Martha a negro woman named Fanny, another named Archer, and and a negro girl named Nancy, children of Fanny. Wit. David and Rebecca CROOK. GI Cty. D.B. E1821, p. 141


David C. MITCHELL of MU John BLACK of GI Cty. for $15, 3 A on Egnew's creek, was granted to said MITCHELL by Grant No. 16903. Wit. John MCKISSACK and John PHILLUPS. GI Cty. D.B. F1824, p. 124


David C. MITCHELL of MU John BLACK for $85 17 A on Egnew's creek, granted to MITCHELL by No. 16902. Wit. John MCKISSACK and John PHILLUPS. GI Cty. D.B. F1824, p. 125


David C. MITCHELL of MU Wm. of GI Cty. for $240 sells 105 A, on Richland Creek, adj. Robert HAYES survey of 5,000 A, adj. Thomas DUTY'S SW corner of entry No. 473. Wit. James PATTESON and Ralph GRAVES. GI Cty. D.B. E1821, p. 296


Marcus MITCHELL from Jason HOPKINS for 20,000 pounds seed cotton, 47 A on waters of Britton's creek, beginning on John WILLIAMS' line, adj. William B. PEPPER'S line, MITCHELL�S line, John B. GOLDSBERRY'S NW corner along with all appurtenances and all the estate right, title interest property claim and demand of said Jason HOPKINS of in and to the same. Wit. Collin S. TARPLEY & Lewis H. BROWN. GI Cty. D.B. E1821, p. 357


Marcus MITCHELL from Thos. WEBB & wife Rebecca, $28.23, 15 2/3 A bounded on North by DOUGHERTY'S, on W by Marcus MITCHELL, on south by William B. PEPPER & heirs of John WILLIAMS, dec�d., on E by lands belonging to minor heirs of Henry SCALES. Wit. Charles C. ABERNATHY and Alexander TARPLY. GI Cty. D.B. G1826, p. 134


David C. MITCHELL of MU Robert ROBSON, $170., 47 1/2 A W of Richland Creek, adj. Robert HAYS grant on North, nw corner of MITCHELL�S 157 1/2 A grant, Willaim PARKER'S NW corner, where ROBSON now lives. Wit. Jas. PATTESON and Dan'l MCCORMACK. GI Cty. D.B. G1826, p. 443


James PATTESON of GI Cty. to David C. MITCHELL of MU Cty. did heretofore jointly enter & ob-tain grants for 2 tracts of land, one of 100 A and the other of 150 A. This day made partition of their interest and for sum of $75. paid to MITCHELL, PATTESON conveys all the tract on Western Waters of Ford's creek, adj. HAMILTON'S 640 a survey, Roland MCKINNEY'S N line, 150 A. Wit. John H. CAMP and Thos. HARWOOD. GI Cty. D.B. H1829, p. 85


Jesse MITCHELL of GI Cty. from David CROOK of Lincoln Cty., $400, 125 A on waters of Indian Creek. Wit. Nathan BASS & James ADKINS. GI Cty. D.B. H1829, p. 155


John M. MITCHELL and his wife Martha R. S. MITCHELL, for $1., sell to James ABERNATHY all their right and claim to a piece of land on Richland Creek, being the distributive part of 1,000 A belonging to Isaac PRICE and by him devised to his heirs by his last will and testament the aforesaid 18 A falling to the share of John and Martha his wife one of the legal heirs of Isaac PRICE dec'd. Wit. Thomas BATTE, George D. SCRUGGS. GI Cty. D.B. N1837, p. 175

1830 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen.

Marchy MITCHELL 112.000.01-020.210.01 p. 175

Robert MITCHELL 111.002-100.02 p. 176

Isaac MITCHELL 000.000.01-011.000.1 p. 179


Captain Marcus MITCHELL of GI Cty. from David YARBROUGH & wife Helen M., of Orange Cty., NC, $1331.6666, 266 1/3 A adj. N.W. corner of tract of heirs of Henry SCALES, NE corner of tract where MITCHELL lives, grant of NC to George DOHERTY, on waters of Richland Creek, adj W side of Huntsville road, N with said road, adj. Mrs. Rebecca HARWELL. GI Cty. D.B. H1829, p. 464


Marcus MITCHELL to Solomon SNOW, $1.00 and further consideration of the love and affection he bears for his daughter Susan SNOW, wife of Solomon H. SNOW, conveys Lots 35, 36,(12 A and 41 P) and 89 and 91 50 P each) in Pulaski. Wit. James MITCHELL and Robert WELLS. GI Cty. D.B. IJ1831, p. 264


Will of Marcus MITCHELL: In the name of God Amen--


I Marcus MITCHELL Senior of the Cty. of GI and Sate of Tennessee being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and Testament, in manner and form following (to wit)

In the first place I lend unto my beloved wife Elizabeth MITCHELL the following negroes ....


At her death to be equally divided among all children.


To Nathaniel P. MITCHELL negro boy. To son James W. MITCHELL negroes. To dau. Elizabeth G. MITCHELL negroes and grey mare. To son Robert C. MITCHELL land purchased from Ralph GRAVES, Jr. and tract where Andrew J. GRISHAM now lives. To wife tract of land where I now live, at her death to be equally divided between sons Marcus and James W. MITCHELL

Remaining property to be sold to pay debts.

Exors. James W. & Marcus MITCHELL

Wit. Robert MITCHELL, Charles C. ABERNATHY

Codicil: In addition to daughter Elizabeth G. MITCHELL a negro man, bed & furniture, bureau to be purchased by executor for her. Wit. Charles C. ABERNATHY, E. N. FIELD.

(Will Written 8-24-1836, Codicil Written 17 Sep 1836)


John MITCHELL to Hartwell HARWELL, Sr. and Gilliam HARWELL, all of GI Cty., whereas John MITCHELL is indebted to Hartwell HARWELL, Sr., Robert WELLS has a judgment against him, owes a note to Archibold DUNNIVAN, a note to Nancy ADAMS, to secure debts conveys to Gilliam HARWELL 1 roan mare, 3 head of cattle, 14 head of hogs and 1 bed and furntirue. If debts not paid, property to be sold to highest bidder. Wit. J. S. BUCHANON and Edwin PEPPER. GI Cty. D.B. M1836, p. 134


Solomon H. SNOW to Marcus MITCHELL, for $1.00 all right title claim, interest and demand of whatsoever kind or nature the same may be that I have or may have in right of my wife Susan SNOW, formerly Susan MITCHELL in and to the estate of Marcus MITCHELL, Sr., dec'd late of the Cty. and state of GI Cty., TN, to said Marcus MITCHELL, his heirs, assignes .... for trust however that said estate and every part and parcel thereof to said Marcus MITCHELL to the proper use and benefit of Marcus MITCHELL and permit Susan SNOW have use and benefit of said estate and every part and parcel thereof during her natural life and after death of said Susan SNOW, said Marcus MITCHELL shall convey the estate and every part thereof in a full and ample manner as the same are hereby conveyed to him, to the children of her body, then equally divided amongst them, their heirs etc. forever ..... s/S. H. SNOW. Wit. Wm. R. DAVIS and Calvin JONES. GI Cty. D.B. M, p. 297.


Ralph GRAVES, Jr. of MR Cty., MS to Robert C. MITCHELL of GI Cty., TN for $1080. paid in hand by Marcus MITCHELL, Sr., the father and ancester of said Robert C. MITCHELL, gives title bond to said Marcus MITCHELL, Sr. and in accordance with the last will and testament of said Marcus now dec�d. to said Robert C. MITCHELL, land on W side of Richland Creek at the SE corner of Younger HOPSON'S tract, adj. POLK'S 5,000 A survey, adj. Charles BUFORD'S line, formerly known as the mill tract 90 A. s/Ralph GRAVES, Jr., by John W. BODENHAM, Jr. atty in fact. Wit. A. WRIGHT and D. B. WRIGHT. GI Cty. D.B. M, p. 375.


Marcus MITCHELL to Robert C. MITCHELL, $900 for negro woman Mary and her child John. No witnesses. GI Cty. D.B. M, p. 387.


Marcus MITCHELL deed of trust to Robert C. MITCHELL, sold a negro man named James and warrant title, that same is sound and healty in mind and body. made exrpressly to secure a note or bill single this day for $700 due one day after date, if said debt is paid by 25 Dec. next this conveyance null and void and right and title go said Marcus MITCHELL. If not paid conveyance remains in full forever. No. Wit. GI Cty. D.B. M, p. 388.


Ralph GRAVES, Sr. Power of Atty. to Thomas S. WEBB my true and trusty friend and atty. in fact, both of GI Cty., TN, for me in my name expose and sell in town of Pulaski for cash to highest bidder a tract of land of about 106 A laying south of town of Pulaski, adjoining land of Younger HOBSON on the N, German LESTER on South, John YERGER and Charles BUFORD on south and Robert C. MITCHELL on East, sale to be held 1 May 1837, proceeds of said sale to the payment (as far as it may go) on an execution in his hands from the supreme ct. at Nashville in favor of CARTER & NYE, against myself as principal debtor and Ralph GRAVES, Jr. and Sterling GRAVES, Alexander BLACK, Joseph C. RHEA, Edward D. JONES, Leroy P. BLACK and others, my securities assessed? 14 Feby. 1837 in sum of about $1236.72, debt interest, etc. s/Ralph GRAVES. Wit. Thos C. STONE and Mathew JOHNSTON. GI Cty., D.B. M, p. 414.


Jeremiah REASONOVER deed of trust to James W. MITCHELL .... desirous to make provisions for his wife and children and set apart certain property for their future use and benefit has this day and does by these presents in consideration of the natural love and affection which he has and bears to his wife Sarah Ann REASONOVER and his children James, John, William, Frances, Robert and Marcus and also such children as he may in future have born him . grant, give, deliver and convey unto said James W. MITCHELL as trustee the following property, to wit: negro woman Mary, negro woman Delpha, negro boy Bob, negro boy Hubbard and all my interest and title in estateof Marcus MITCHELL lade of said Cty., dec�d., of whatever character whether same be real, personal or mixed, which as heir, devisee, legatee or distributee, I may be entitled to, .... s/J. REASONOVER and James W. MITCHELL


Ralph GRAVES, Sr. by his atty Thomas S. WEBB to Robert C. MITCHELL, for $1200 a tract of land in 6th Dist. containing 106 A more or less, bounded by Robert C. MITCHELL�S land purchased of Ralph GRAVES, Jr. (90 A), adj. Charles BUFORD'S N boundary, line of John K. YERGER, German LESTER, Archibald MCKISSACK. s/Ralph GRAVES, Sr., by Thos. S. WEBB, atty. in fact for Ralph GRAVES, Sr. Wit. Charles C. ABERNATHY, Johnathan DRAKE. GI Cty. D.B. M, p. 415.


Robert MITCHELL D/Tto William HARWELL. For $1.00 sells to Marcus MITCHELL 1 sorrel filly with one eye, 2 cows &calves, 2 beds &furniture. William HARWELL sec. for $12.00 and I am indebted to him for $32.00 to sec. said HARWELL against all losses or damage. s/Robert MITCHELL (X) Wit. J. C. CARTER & N. S. BROWN. GI Cty. D.B. N, p. 29.


Asa MITCHELL to A. A. DICKERSON any right he might have in right of his wife Mary R. MITCHELL in and to the estate of Nathaniel DICKERSON (her uncle) late of Lawrence Cty.,TN, now dec�d., which she is one of his heirs.. No witnesses. GI Cty. D.B. N1837, p. 193


Robert C. MITCHELL to Archibald MCKISSACK, $817, 109 A adj. N boundary line in Wm. FOGG'S SE corner, a stake in Richland Creek, N. boundary line of HAYES 5,000 A tract, Younger HOBSON'S SW corner, Ralph GRAVES, Sr. N. boundary line, GRAVES & German LESTER line. No witnesses. GI Cty. D.B. N1837, p. 179


Robert C. MITCHELL to Elijah A. BEASLEY, for $1.00 the tracts of land I purchased of Ralph GRAVES, Jr., adj. Charles BUFORD, John K. YERGER, LESTER, Yerger HOPSON, said MITCHELL�S NW boundary, 106 A more or less and one containing 90 A adj. above described land on W side of Richland Creek .. Robert C. MITCHELL is indebted to Elizabeth A. BEASLEY in several sums of money all amounting to $$1142, to be paid next March or to be sold. s/R. C. MITCHELL. No wit. GI Cty. D.B. N, p. 291.


Marcus MITCHELL to Jefferson M. LEATHERMAN, $5. and other considerations, a negro boy as security for debts to O. B. SMITH, to be sold if debt not paid. GI Cty. D.B. N1837, p. 325


Patsey Fenton MITCHELL from Isaac MITCHELL for natural love and affection I have for my daughter deliver unto her brother James H. Y. JONES, his heirs and assigns forever a negro man about 21 years old and a negro girl about 14 to hold with their future increase to James H. Y. JONES as trustee to hold as a if a single woman, separate and apart from any future husband. Wit. John W. GOODE and A. WRIGHT. GI Cty. D.B. N1837, p. 359


James W. MITCHELL, gift to Robert MITCHELL, Jr., his nephew, for natural love & affection a certain gray mare. Wit. J. S. BUCHANAN & Jonathan DRAKE. GI Cty. D.B. N, p. 425.

1840 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen.

John MITCHELL 201.001-110.01 p. 87 (Johnsons on p. 86)

F. MITCHELL 002.1-000.100.01 p. 101

Elizabeth MITCHELL 001.02-000.000.001 p. 104

Robert MITCHELL 001.100.1-011.001 Next door to Elizabeth

Marcus A. MITCHELL 000.01-000.001 p. 107

Martha MITCHELL 000.1-000.010.01 p. 110

A. MITCHELL 200.011-211.001 p. 115

J. MITCHELL 000.200.001-000.000.01 p. 128

Asa MITCHELL 100.001-121.001 "

Isaac MITCHELL 000.000.001-000.100.01 p. 143

Clem MITCHELL 000.01-000.01 p. 145

Elias MITCHELL 011.001-001.001 p. 147

B. MITCHELL 000.001-100.01 p. 149

Richard MITCHELL 011.100.001-012.000.01 p. 152


Henry T. KIMBROUGH to Nancy Amanda Jane MITCHELL, w/ of JOHN MITCHELL, give, grant & deed for her sole and separate use her natural life and at her death to her child-ren born & to be born a negro girl Rebecca about 14 years of age, to my daughter. GI Cty., TN D.B. Q, p. 178.


Elijah A. BEASLEY to Elizabeth MITCHELL, daughter of Robert and Jane MITCHELL, said Jane my sister, hath given by these presents to her full use and benefit a certain gray mare about 3 or 4 years old this spring. GI Cty., TN D.B. Q, p. 258.


Thomas MARTIN and William ARROWSMITH, Admrs. of Elizabeth MITCHELL dec�d. returned an inventory and account of sales of the estate of said dec�d., which was ordered to be recorded. GI Cty. Ct. Min., p. 187.


James W. MITCHELL & James WATSON for $1200. slave named Pomp, from Lewis BROWN & wife Levina. GI Cty. Deed BK. AA1859, p. 120


Nancy Amanda MITCHELL from Silas P. RHEA, expect shortly to solmnize the rites of matrimony agree to (1) all property either of us now have and all its increase shall remain property of each as if no marriage took place..... (2) at termination of the life of either in the event said property of said RHEA to be divided equally between his children now living and those which may be born by said marriage, if at his death any of his children shall be dead having children the children of such dec�d. child shall receive share of their ancestor and said Nancy Amanda MITCHELL is to have no claim to dower or other interest in said estate. Property of said Nancy Amanda MITCHELL which may not be disposed of by will or deed or gift shall be divided between her children now living as well as those which may be born by said marriage. Wit. John S. MASSEY, E. V. MASSEY. GI Cty. D.B. BB1861, p. 74


James D. MITCHELL et als vs. John W. MITCHELL. Andrew MITCHELL died 9-1864 intestate. He left heirs James O. MITCHELL, John W. MITCHELL, Elizabeth MITCHELL, Mary Ann MITCHELL, George W. PULLEN & wife Martha J., Robert A. MITCHELL, Joseph M. and Ophelia FARMER, Catharine Julian & Josephine MITCHELL. He owned 46 A and a lot near Lynnville Depot. From Woodruff Files, Box M, case No. 2344.

1867 Mary A. MITCHELL states her husband Robert C. MITCHELL d. intestate at his residence. Dispute over a horse. During his life he gave deed to Mary A. for 154 1/2 A in 2nd CD.



Warrant dated above to Robert MONTGOMERY, 197 1/2 A on waters of the No. Oconie, adj. Scott MONTGOMERY & Robert MONTGOMERY. Land Warrants, Jackson Cty., GA survey plats.


Warrant dated above to Hugh MONTGOMERY for 374 A. Land Warrants, Jackson Cty., GA survey plats.


Warrant dated above to Hugh MONTGOMERY for 374 A. Land Warrants, Jackson Cty., GA survey plats.

1822-2-25 John MONTGOMERY testifies in suit. Madison Cty., GA Inferior Ct. Writs, Bk. 1812-1822, p. 103.

Abstracts of Deeds, GI Cty., TN


John MONTGOMERY to Samuel SHIELDS, both of GI Cty., TN for $150., land on waters of Robertsons Fork of Richland Creek of Elk River, on NE corner of a 100A survey made in name of Richard HIGHTOWER, 50 A. Wit. John GILLEGLEN. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. A, p. 258.


Richard HIGHTOWER of Williamson Cty. to John MONTGOMERY of GI Cty. for $300. 100 A on Big Creek, beginning at a poplar and hickory BARRON & SHIELDS SE corner in Martin ARMSTRONG'S line, crossing creek, crossing Big Creek, adj. SHIELDS line. Wit Samuel and George SHIELDS, reg. 1816-ll-18. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. 418.


Richard HIGHTOWER of Williamson Cty. to John MONTGOMERY of GI Cty., for $300., 100 A on Big Creek, crosses Big Creek. Wit. Samuel and George SHIELDS. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. 420.


State of TN to James MONTGOMERY, issued to James BRIGHT by the Register of West TN, entered 6 Dec. 1810, James MONTGOMERY assignee, land in 2nd Dist. of GI Cty., on Waters of Richland Creek, adj. occuant survey of Richard S. STUART, south crossing Big Creek. Surveyed 7 May 1811. Grant No. 3538, entry No. 2866. Recorded in Reg. Office of W. TN 9 Jul 1813. On botton is written: "I, James MONTGOMERY do hereby sign over and tansfer to for value received of Samuel SHIELDS all my right, title ... 16 Mar 1812. Wit. Samuel MONTGOMERY and John GILLEYTON. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. 59.


James MONTGOMERY to Samuel SHIELDS, both of GI Cty., TN; $150.875 land on Robertsons Fork of Richland Creek, adj. STEWART�S occupany survey, 200 A. Wit. Samuel MONTGOMERY & John GILLIGTON.


John CHILDRESS of DV Cty., TN to James MONTGOMERY and Thomas STEWART, 115 A on both sides of Robertsons Fork, adj. Thomas STEWART, Richard S. STEWART occupant entry. Wit. Samuel MONTGOMERY & Robert S. STEWART. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. C, p. 139.


Richard HIGHTOWER of Williamson Cty. to Samuel MONTGOMERY, 30 A on Robertsons Fork for $30., adj. CARRETHERS survey, WALKER'S SW corner, R. HIGHTOWER. Wit. None. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. C, p. 394.


Samuel MONTGOMERY of GI Cty. to Elisha DODSON of same 3 tracts on Robertsons Fork for $700.00, adj. SW corner of Samuel SHIELDS 112 A survey, 2nd tract adj. Samuel KING survey, Wm. T. LEWIS 5,000 A survey. Wit. Jordan DODSON & Moses PATTESON. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. F, p. 8.


James MONTGOMERY to Nathaniel BEVINS of GI Cty., 70 A on Robertsons Fork, for $300 cash, adj. Samuel SHIELD'S E. boundary of 84 A, south bounary R. S. STEWART�S occupant entry. Wit. Wm. M. and Samuel SHIELDS. Ref. GI Cty., TN deed book H, p. 46.


Mary Rosanna MONTGOMERY, daughter of John MONTGOMERY. Her grand father was Solomon SIMMONS, Herrell SIMMONS her gdn.. Other grand children of Solomon: Joel & Harrell, ch. of Jesse WALTON. Ref. GI Cty.,TN Cty. Ct. Min.

1830 Madison Cty., GA Fed. Cen.: John MONTGOMERY 50/59, wife 40/49, 1 M 10/14, 1 F 15/19.


Archibald CROCKETT to John MONTGOMERY, 25 A on Robertsons Fork, adj. Wade BARRETT'S entry, Leander SHIELDS, Jacob COCKRAN. Wit. None. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. H, p. 371.


George W. CAMPBELL to Samuel S. MONTGOMERY, for $800, land on Robertsons Fork, adj. CAMPBELL�S tract, land sold to Archibald CROCKETT. Wit. Alexander & A. C. ESSELMAN, ack. by John J. MONTGOMERY. Ref. GI Cty., TN deed book N, p. 428.


Abner USSERY to John J. MONTGOMERY, both of GI Cty., TN, for $1200. Meets and bounds S. 125 1/2 P, E. 255 P (SOUTHGATE'S W boundary line), N 125 1/2 P, W 255 P. Wit. Solomon HAYS & Mastin USSERY. Ref. GI Cty., TN Deed book N, p. 105.


Hercules W. NOE to Robert S. MONTGOMERY, for $10.00 a lot in Lynnville, on E side of turnpike road on Laird St., E to a corner of R. S. MONTGOMERY, lot where he now lives, , part of my former lot sold to Doctor B. F. SMITH, which was cut off by the turnpike road, being all the land I own on the E side of the turnpike road. Wit. F. T. MCLAURINE and B. F. SMITH. Ref. GI Cty., TN deed book Q, p. 40.


Robert H. & John LAIRD to Robert S. MONTGOMERY, for $110. lot in Lynnville on E side of turnpike road, bought of H. W. NOE, on Laird St. Wit. Robert M. BUGG & F. T. MCLAURINE. Ref. GI Cty., TN deed book Q, p. 417.


Samuel S. MONTGOMERY and Ann S. JOHNSON, adms. of goods and chattels of Elijah JOHNSON, dec�d., to James B. LOWERY. Elijah bound himself to William H. MEADOWS $2,000. to purchase land in Dist. 15 of GI Cty., TN, adj. WALKER, 280 A. Last payment was due 8-24-1838. Another tract adjoining USSERY & BOGARD, WALKER, CARLETON. Wit. Aaron X. STEELE and Franklin A. STEELE. Ref. GI Cty., TN deed book R, p. 47.


Samuel S. MONTGOMERY to James C. ESSELMAN, for $1,000. land on Robertsons Fork, adj. land conveyed to Archibald CROCKETT by George W. CAMPBELL, 100 A. Wit. Alexander ESSELMAN & Malcom MCDONALD. Ref. GI Cty., TN deed book R, p. 65.


John MONTGOMERY to John C. EWING for $1550, 186 1/4 A in Dist. 15 on both sides of Robertsons Fork, adjoining David CROCKETT'S corner. Wit. James M. SHIELDS and James W. MONTGOMERY. Ref. GI Cty., TN Deed book R, p. 230.


John MONTGOMERY to John C. EWING, 25 A in Dist. 15, adj. NE corner of Wade BARRETT, Leander SHIELDS, John COCHRAN. Wit. James M. SHIELDS and James W. MONTGOMERY. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 231.


F. T. MCLAURINE to Robert S. MONTGOMERY, for $120. land on E side of turnpike road in Lynnville E to the top of the ridge on the waters of E prong of Lynn Creek, 4 1/2 A, adj. WALKER, Elisha WHITE, Nathan A. SMITH. Wit. H. R. BRAY, John HICKMAN. Ref. GI Cty., TN Deed book R, p. 314.


William CONNER to John MONTGOMERY a slave named Gilbert, aged about 16. Wit. G. W. MCGREW. Ref. GI Cty., TN Deed book R, p. 408.


George OLIVER, b. 1764 NC, d. 12-25-1833 1834mar. Ann TARKINGTON, d. ca 1865

George OLIVER died in GI Cty. 25th Dec 1833; native of North Carolina, early settler of WILLIAMSON Cty.; Western Weekly Review Jan 17,

1812 GI Cty., TN Tax List: Washington CROFT Robert OLIVER


Persons summoned to serve on Grand and Petit Juries to wit: John HENDERSON, John DABNEY, John C. WALKER, James LEACH, Alexander THOMPSON, Thomas K. GORDON, Oliver C. CLEVELAND, Thomas LANE, George MALONE, William COOK, John LAIRD, Daniel ALLEN, Joseph REA, John HILLHOUSE, John DICKEY, Jacob BYLER, Buckner HARWELL, William BROWN (ESQR.), William S. MCLAURINE, James DUGGER, James MCDONALD, Tyree RODES, Robert OLIVER & Hardy HIGHTOWER. GI Cty., TN Circuit Ct., p. 347.


William MCDONALD to George OLIVER for $1500. 160 A on East fork of Buchanan's Creek of Richland Creek. Wit. Thomas ALSUP and William DAVIDSON. GI Cty. D.B. C, p. 277.

1820 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen.

Robert OLIVER 32011-2101-2

Rebecca OLIVER 0-10002-0

George OLIVER 110101-12201-1

Zebulon OLIVER 0001-101


John W. CROFT to George OLIVER for $500. a negro boy named Bill aged 8 years, one plantation wagon, one mare and one colt 2 years old, one horse, two stills and the tubs thereunto belonging one Bureau, one cupboard, one bed of furniture, two bed steads and 30 head of hogs. Wit. Enoch DAVIS. GI Cty. D.B. G1826, p. 388


John W. CROFT to George OLIVER for $350. 3 tracts, one tract of 48 A where said CROFT lived on 1-1-1827, beginning at a marker marked MD, adj. Thomas ALSUP survey, ... same as above described, another tract of 50 A, also same as above, another for 50 A, total 198 A. Wit. Enoch DAVIS. GI Cty. D.B. G1826, p. 408


Alexander MCDONALD to heirs of Zebulon OLIVER both of GI Cty. for $50 10 A, adj. tract on which John WISENER formerly lived, on Bradshaw's creek, heirs not named. Wit. John P. DUNLEY? & R. P. HOLCOMB. GI Cty. D.B. G, p. 171.

1830 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen.

p. 138 A. OLIVER 110.011-101.01

p. 142 Robert OLIVER 022.000.1-101.100.1

p. 144 H. T. CROFT 100.101-000.01

Pp. 157 Washington CROFT 000.000.001-000.201.01

p. 208 George OLIVER 000.200.001-010.020.01 10 slaves


William MARKS for $1.00 in hand paid & other considerations as follow Jefferson W. OLIVER conveys to MARKS a negro girl Rachel about 9 or 10 years old, William MARKS owes debts to Thomas WEBB, Jesse WESTMORELAND, YERGER, SHALL .... if not paid negro to be sold to pay debts. Wit. Wm. CONNER and Samuel Y. ANDERSON, s/ William MARKS, YERGER & SHALL, J. W. OLIVER. GI Cty. D.B. IJ, p. 445.

1833 From "GI Cty. Will Abstracts 1814-1900" Clara M. Parker. p. 101.

George OLIVER (will written 1833, no probate date) To Son Annanias OLIVER tract of land on Bradshaw Creek adjoining my home tract. To wife Ann OLIVER my tract of land I now live on during her lifetime, also negro man Frank, Amy and child Judy with all horses, cows, sheep, etc. To Daughter Charlotte C. OLIVER negro girl Judy, one horse, bridle, saddle, bed, furniture and bureau. To Daughter Esther CROFT and her children $50.00. to niece MARTHA TARKINGTON, bed, furniture, horse, saddle, bridle. To grandson George G. OLIVER $50.00 or a horse worth that amount. To grand daughter Malvina M. OLIVER $50.00 or a horse. To Son William H. OLIVER tract of land I now live on, horse, saddle, bridle, bed, furniture, chest.

After death of wife Ann all residue of property equally divided between my four surviving Children Annanias, Charlotte C., William H. OLIVER and Esther CROFT.

Robert OLIVER Esquire, gdn. for Esther and her children.

Exrs. Annanias OLIVER, William H. OLIVER.

Witnesses: William P. YOUNG, Rolly HARWELL


Ananias OLIVER and William H. OLIVER, executors of the estate of George OLIVER, dec�d. and William MCDONALD of the other part, all of GI Cty., TN, for $200. sells to said OLIVERs land on Buchanan's Creek containing 160 A and 106 P more or less, adj. ground on which Pisgah Meeting house stands, a tract granted said MCDONALD, another tract belonging to MCDONALD, HADLEY'S line, a tact of OLIVER. s/Alexander MCDONALD. Wit. L. B. MCDONALD, Elihu MCDONALD. GI Cty. D.B. N, p. 117.


Ananias OLIVER, John W. CROFT and Esther CROFT his WIFE, James M. JOHNSTON & Charlotte JOHNSTON his wife, have this day sold and do hereby convey TO William H. OLIVER his heirs and assigns forever for and in consideration of the support and maintenance of our mother Ann OLIVER for life, likewise comply with the will of our father George OLIVER dec�d. by paying $50. each to George G. OLIVER, Malvina M. OLIVER and Martha F. TARKINGTON this according to requisitions of the will of George OLIVER dec'd and also for the further consideration of the sum of $1250. to us in hand paid by the said Wm. H. OLIVER for the following property (viz) one woman a slave for life named Amy and her two children Hugh and George her further increase if any with all the stock consisting of horses cattle, sheep and hogs, also all the farming utensils and household and kitchen furniture belonging to the estate of George OLIVER dec'd and we warrant the title of the aforesaid property to the said Wm. H. OLIVER his heirs and assigns forever against the lawful claims of all persons whatsoever we warrant said negroes sound in body and mind. Given under our hands and seals this 12th day of March 1838. s/J. W. CROFT, Esther (X) CROFT, James M. JOHNSTON, Charlotte C. JOHNSTON, A. OLIVER. Wit. A. J. COBBS, Ambrose COBBS.

1840 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen.,

p. 107 A. OLIVER 111.020.1-121.001

Marcus A. MITCHELL 000.01-000.001

William OLIVER 000.11-100.001.001

p. 109 Washington CROFT 000.000.001-000.000.001

p. 117 J. O. TARKINGTON 211.001.01220.001

1865 Nancy OLIVER (will written and probated 1865) To Grand daughter Caroline OLIVER one bedstead, bed, two quilts, two sheets, one coverlet, blanket, one centerpiece, cupboard, bureau, looking glass, silver spoon. To Grand son Jefferson OLIVER 5 sheep, cow one desk. To Grand Daughter Charlotte OLIVER bedstead, bed, two quilts, two sheets, one coverlet, blanket, centerpiece, chest. To Daughter Ann OLIVER one clock, set tablespoons, table, set cane bottom chairs. To Grandson William OLIVER one cow, sheep. To Albina MCNAIRY one counterpane.

Exr.: ------ Witnesses: C. LEATHERMAN, S. ABERNATHY

OLIVER Cemetery, near Pisgah, Hwy 64

E. P. OLIVER 51, 10-8-18-- - 8-3-1852

John Harvey OLIVER 9-18-1868 - 1-2-1950, Wife Lizzie Osburn 3-24-1869 -----

W. H. OLIVER 2-16-1815 - 11-4-1881

Felix G. MCKNIGHT 9-20-1819 - 2-2-1851

Perlina Virginia, d/o Annanias & Nancy F. OLIVER 5-27-1832 - 8-9-1851

Felix S. OLIVER 1847-1890

W. H. OLIVER 2-16-1815 - 11-4-1881

Kate O. AYMETT 8-12-1829 - 9-7-1908

J. Phillip OLIVER 1843 - 1932

Caroline OLIVER 6-17-1849 - 8-23-1869

G. G. OLIVER 5-29-1871 - 11-23-1875

Sarah A. OLIVER 7-2-1830 - 5-26-1867

G. I. OLIVER 8-29-1847 - 8-12-1870

Osburn Kinnard, oldest son of J. H. & Lizzie OLIVER 2-24-1893 - 3-4-1916

(2 children of Robert and Albina McNairy buried here)

1. Ananias OLIVER, d. 9-7-1866, Pisgah, TN, mar. Nancy FEATHERSTONE, d/o Sarah FATHERSTONE, b. 8-18-1773, d. 9-15-1859, mar.11-29-1790 Rolly HARWELL, b. 5-9-1802, d. 1-20-1877, Pisgah TN

a. Dr. Annanias Fletcher OLIVER, b. 8-9-1840, d. 10-20-1881, Pisgah, mar. Rebecca Jane ABERNATHY, b. 12-11-1848, GI Cty., d. 1926, Pulaski, bur Pisgah, TN


Ananias OLIVER to Shedrick KELLAM $225, on waters of Buchanan�s, Bradshaw�s & Indian Creeks adj. John MCKNIGHT, by Grants No. 120 and 9421, 120 A. s/A. OLIVER. Wit. D. F. JOHNSON and R. COBBS. GI Cty., TN D.B. Q, p. 555.

2. Charlotte C. OLIVER

3. Esther OLIVER mar. John W. CROFT, s/o Washington CROFT, b. 1760, d. ca 1840, mar. 10-22-1791, dau Susan b. Brunswick Cty., VA 1797. Washington had bro. Thomas b. 1725, d. 12-31-1796 Brunswick Cty., VA, mar. 1754 Elizabeth Lanier BURCH


John W. CROFT of GI Cty., TN from Myers MARMADUKE of Lincoln Cty., TN for $700, 198 A on Buchanan's Creek beginning at a marker marked MD, adj. survey of Thomas ALSUP, William DAVIDSON'S line, OLIVER�S line. Wit. Alexander and Robert MCDONALD. GI Cty. D.B. G1826, p. 258 for 198 A.


John W. CROFT to George OLIVER for $500. a negro boy named Bill aged 8 years, one plantation wagon, one mare and one colt 2 years old, one horse, two stills and the tubs thereunto belonging one Bureau, one cupboard, one bed of furniture, two bed steads and 30 head of hogs. Wit. Enoch DAVIS. GI Cty. D.B. G1826, p. 388


John W. CROFT to George OLIVER for $350. 3 tracts, one tract of 48 A where said CROFT lived on 1-1-1827, beginning at a marker marked MD, adj. Thomas Alsup survey, ... same as above described, another tract of 50 A, also same as above, another for 50 A, total 198 A. Wit. Enoch DAVIS. GI Cty. D.B. G1826, p. 408

1833 Robert OLIVER gdn. of her CROFT children.


Washington CROFT, deed of gift to wife Mary CROFT and others, for natural love and affection which I have for my wfe and also for the further consideration hereinafter mentioned, I have this day bargained, sold, aliened and conveyed unto John ATKINS all that certain piece or parcel of land on which I now live on waters of Buchanan's Creek containing 410 A more or less, also negro slaves for life, that is to say Edmund, Andrew, Joseph, Hart, Moses, Booker, Osker, Fanny, Hannah, Lucinday and Kesiah, also nine head of horses, all my stock of cattle, sheep and hogs and all my household and kitchen furniture and one set of blacksmiths tools to have and to hold the same and every part thereof to the said John ATKINS his heirs, executors, adms. and assigns forever upon the following trust and condition that is to say the said trustee is to suffer and permit my wife Mary to use and enjoy the property above conveyed and the proceeds thereof so long as she may live and the said trustee is also to afford and provide a decent and comfortable support and maintenance to myself so long as I may live and at the death of the survivors of myself and my said wife the said trustee is to divide the said property and the proceeds and ?ails of the same between my four children, Henry T. CROFT, Mary Jane ATKINS, wife of John Atkins, Martha ABERNATHY, Fatinia ATKINS, wife of William ATKINS and the children of John W. CROFT and I the said Washington CROFT do by these presents covenant and agree to and with the said trustee John ATKINS to warrant and forever defend the right and title to said property and every part thereof for the purpose aforesaid to the said trustee his heirs, executors, adms. and assigns for the purposes above mentioned. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 7th day of November 1838. s/Washington CROFT and John ATKINS. Acknowledged by CROFT and ATKINS before Cty. clerk. GI Cty. D.B. N, p. 413.

4. William H. (Hugh) OLIVER, b. 2-16-1815, d. 11-14-1881 (Cem. record shows 4th instead of 14th), m 1) Sarah A. WILSON, d/o Alfred and Caroline WILSON, d. 1860-1870, mar. 2) 1860-1870 Charlotte Catherine (Katie) MCCONNICO, b. 8-23-1839, d. 9-7-1908, d-o Garner Y. McCONNICO and Catherine KINNARD

a. George C. OLIVER

b. Malvina M. OLIVER

c. Caroline OLIVER

d. William OLIVER

e. Jefferson OLIVER

f. Charlotte OLIVER

g. John Harvey OLIVER, b. 9-18-1868, GI Cty., TN, d. 1-2-1950 GI Cty., TN mar. Lizzie Oen (sic) OSBURN, d/o James Allen OSBURN & Paralee ABERNATHY

(This from lineage chart of Kelly OLIVER, b. 5-11-1966, Pulaski, TN, adr. 155 Long Meadow Dr., Pulaski, TN 38478.)


See Bill (ct. case) filed 9-9-1854, GI Cty. Chancery Co. Min., Roll 8, pp. 85-89

1846-7-21 William H. OLIVER mar. Sarah A. WILSON, GI Cty.,TN by Ira E. BROWN, JP

5.? Ann OLIVER


Dallas Gen. Soc. Newsletter 12-1989 Query


Zacharriah PARKER, Jr. b. GI Cty., Tenn. ca 1830 who may have mar. 1) Ella SANDERS, and/or 2) Rosa ANDERSON. Zacharia PARKER, Jr. was living in Dallas, TX in 1870 and his occupation was Methodist Preacher. He may have had a daughter Alice or Maggie. Who can help? Any connection with:

James PARKER b. ca 1825 TN d. 1892 Hunt Cty., TX, mar. Emily C. MILLER, b. 6-27-1818, d. 1858 GI Cty., TN, dau of Henry MILLER and Nancy Susan SIMMONS

Is this family connected with John Walker PARKER b. 1856 TN d. 1947 Hunt Cty., TX. mar. Sarah Catherine HANEY b. 1864 TN d. 1932 Hunt Cty., TX. John Walker PARKER b. 1856 TN had a brother named Mitchell PARKER.


Jeremiah PARKER wrote his will 1840. Wife Milly. Land to her and Lilah where they now live along with stock household goods, except one bed & furniture to grand daughter Mary BROWN when she needs it, $20 if she helps her aunt take care of her grandmother. If Lilah marries he gives horse, hogs 2 beds of her choice, etc. Other property to be sold and divided equally between my children: Zachariah PARKER, Polly MCCONNEL, Lilah PARKER, John PARKER, BROWN, her part to be divided between her 5 children: Lindy CAMERON, Lealy GAINES, John BROWN, Peggy BROWN, Mary G. BROWN. Exors. Zachariah PARKER & John PARKER. Witnesses left blank.



Catherine PARKER to Margaret CYNES for $200, 1/5 part of 3 certain parcels of land; 1 being 105 A on Richland creek, part of a grant from David C. MITCHELL to William PARKER, adj. Robert HAYES, Thomas DUTY; 2nd tract 6 A adj. Reese PORTER, down Richland Creek, James W. WHEELER'S line, conveyed from Thomas DUTY to William PARKER; 3rd tract of 5 6/10 A conveyed from David C. MITCHELL to William PARKER. GI Cty., TN deed bk L1834, p. 9.


Zachariah PARKER from James GAINES, 25A, 7th CD. Wit. Elisha OGALSBAY & John PARKER. GI Cty., TN deed bk Q1842, p. 438


Zachariah PARKER from Alfred W. PARKER, 25A, 7th CD, wit. Jeremiah PARKER & John R. FINDLEY. GI Cty., TN deed bk Q1842, p. 305.


Z. PARKER, Jr. from John PARKER, for sum of $1509.92, Z. PARKER has executed his notes due 12-25-1860 for $754.96, one due 12-25-1861 for same amount with interest from 12-15 1859, land in CD 5 on waters of Dry Creek, adj. CHAPMAN'S corner, stake in John PARKER'S N. boundary line, adj. Z. PARKER, Sr.�S S. boundary line.... Wit. John A. PARKER & J. A. J. BAKER. GI Cty., TN deed bk AA1860, p. 383.


Know all men by these presents that we Z. PARKER, Jr. a resident of GI Cty., TN & Ella SAUNDERS a resident of the Cty. of Madison, St. of Alabama, have for the mutual affection we have for each other & further consideration that we think it will conduce to the happiness of each this day mutually agree to marry each other the solemnization of said marriage to take place as soon hereafter as convenient to both parties. And do & have entered into the follow-ing Settlement or contract. The said Ella SAUNDERS now possesses & owns in her own right the following slaves, to wit, Mai aged 30 years, Frank aged 11 years, Bird aged 44 years, Vina aged 34 years. Also one fine carriage & harness & a pair of bay horses together with all lands, slaves, mules, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs & stock of all kinds. Wagons & harness, farming implements of all kinds, provender, provisions, household & kitchen furniture, moneys, notes, claims, choses in action, accounts, etc. that may not here be named or described that is now owned & belongs to or that may hereafter come into her possession of or be purchases with the money, notes, claims, accounts or property to the said Ella SAUNDERS now as I. Z. PAR-KER, Jun. deem proper & prudent to settle all the above named & described property upon the said Ella SAUNDERS for & in consideration of the aforementioned marriage, have & do release all right, title & interest that I might otherwise acquire to the above mentioned property by virtue of said marriage the said property is to belong to said Ella SAUNDERS as if said mar-riage had never taken place. She is to hold the same to her own sole use & benefit free from my contracts, liabilities, contract or influence. She is to sell trade & reinvest the same as a femme sole & has the power to will the same & said will is to be respected as a feme sole given under our hands & seals this the 7th day of February 1860. s/Z.PARKER, Jr. (seal) & Ella SAUNDERS (seal) Wit. L. H. SCRUGGS, Sarah SCRUGGS. Attested to by Cty. Clerk 1-20-1862, Reg. 11-8-1862. GI Cty., TN deed bk BB1862, p. 489.


John PARKER to Mary Ann PARKER for love & affection I entertain for Mary Ann PARKER, wife of my son James L. PARKER, convey for her sole & separate use during her natural life then to her living heirs one Rone horse known as the Woodard horse about 7 or 8 years old, one buggy & harness. s/John PARKER (seal) No Witnesses. GI Cty.,TN deed bk BB1861, p. 276.


Samuel BAKER & Christiana A. his wife of GI Cty., TN to Zacariah PARKER of same for $1500, secured by 2 notes by John W. PARKER, one due 9-1-1860 for $800 & other due 12-25-1861 for $700. 48 3/4 A in 19th CD, adj. W. H. PARKER, stake in middle of public road from Pulaski to Campbellsville. Attested by Cty. Clerk 10-17-1860, reg. 1-21-1864. GI Cty., TN deed bk. BB1862, p. 544.


Z. PARKER to Jeremiah M. PARKER for $1550 cash, 123 A in 5th CD, on waters of Dry Creek, adj. BRAY, PULLEN, Chapman Z. PARKER�S south boundary line. Wit. John W. PARKER & J. R. DICKEY. GI Cty., TN deed bk. BB, p. 546.


Zachariah PARKER, Sr., to Jermiah M. PARKER for $4000. cash 191 A in CD 19 on waters of Dry Creek, adj. A. W. PARKER, public byway. s/Zachariah PARKER with his mark. Wit. Z. PARKER, Jr. & A. W. PARKER & James STORY. GI Cty., TN deed bk. BB, p. 548


Z. PARKER to Jeremiah M. PARKER for $1950 cash 75 A on waters of Dry Creek, adj. W. H. PARKER, R. C. CHAPMAN. Test. Cty. Clerk 6-23-1863, rec'd. 1-21-1863. GI Cty.,TN Deed bk BB, p. 546.

Harriet N. PARKER mar. James D. GAINES, Lic. 8-31-1865, sol. 9-3-1985 by J. H. STRAYHORN, M.G.

John H. PARKER mar. Sarah L. WOOD, Lic. 7-8-1865, sol. 7-9-1865 by J. H. STRAYHORN, M.G.

Alfred F. PARKER mar. Rebecca A. SHULER, lic. 12-3-1866, sol. 12-4-1866 by C N. WOOD, Minister.

George W. PARKER mar. Mary E. INMAN, lic. 2-1-1866, sol. same by John A. BARBEE, J.P.

Allder PARKER mar. Malinda A. DEFO, lic. 5-21-1868, sol. 5-31-1868 by Levi REED, J.P.

Submitted by Janell McCann (Deceased 1 Jul 2007)