Letter to T. C. Richey from Fannie E. C. Ledbetter, cir. 1860

Written by Fannie E. C. Ledbetter to her "friend" Thomas Richey in about 1860 from Cornersville to Waco, TX. This letter is the most fragile of the three and is barely legible. This is more of a school girl's rambling and written shortly before Fannie and Thomas were married, I believe in Cornersville. Their first child, Lida Evaline was born October 14, 1861. My great grandfather, John Franklin Richey, was born March 14, 1866 in Georgetown, TX. Places where I could not decipher the word or words in a sentence have a line or lines indicating this.

Janet Piccola

At Home March the ( _____) (before 1860)

Mr. T. C. Richey

Friend Tom I am a going to write to let you know that I have not received any answer to the letter I wrote to you at Christmas. if you received any letter and have answered and directed it to Pine Wood ( ) delayed any time about it that is the reason I have not got it. I left there before it came if it was ever started and they may have neglected to remail me the letter. I have been at home "sweet home" some time but almost all the time expecting to leave. My Ma has been lingering for sometime ever since last fall, with a liver disease which we have been fearful the disease would take her away from us. I simply name this for you may think it strange that I am not at _____ school this is the reason why. I am not going this session if I go next fall it will be a session longer finishing. I do not like that much but if I go at all I will have to stay that much longer, I am well and measurably happy reading and ( ) writing to doing nothing (next)? to it.. I may teach ( ) a ( ) this summer and spring. It is as "just the notion will take me" as the children says I almost distracted to hear from Bro. John. I have not heard from him in four weeks. The peach trees are all in bloom, Summer is returning to us in ______ bursts of sunshine. Winter is folding up his garments leaving only here and there a bunch of brown leaves to remind us he was but is not ______ _______ _______ ________.Fun of us for we will soon be able to grow peas and lettuce. I heard from ( ) not long since but not from ____ _____very well she writes to you ______ ________ _____________ ______ _____ yes I'll take back what I said about this in my last_______you acknowledged she _____others, but it is a late thing ______ _________ ________ me. I was truly glad he _____forgotten me. I can write to all any old friends now as I have not much else to do. I shall be glad to hear from you all at any time. If you think propper you can present my love too your Pa's family with my best wishes for your happiness I am your friend. Fannie.

Williamsville(SP)? _________ Co., Tennessee

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Submitted by: Janet Piccola