Letter to T. C. Richey from Sam Whitson, 1865

This letter was from Sam Whitson and, I believe, Fannie's mother, who must have remarried. Sam was probably the son of Tom Whitson, one of the early settlers of Giles County. This letter also has commentary on Sam';s feelings concerning the Confederacy and the war's outcome. Some of the comments may be offensive. He mentions the complications of a possible move to Texas. Fannie's mother tacks on a short note on the end of the letter which is all but illegible. It was apparent she was unable to spell and writing was a real 'chore' for her. Places where I could not decipher the word or words in a sentence have a line or lines indicating this.

Janet Piccola

October 12th, 1865

Mr. Thomas C. Richey

Dear Sir if I thought I could make you laugh and cry as you say Fanie did by writing you a letter I would write every week (but I would not to see you at that time) but whether you cry or laugh I will drop you a few lines and trust to your manly fortitude but if you ____y be sure that you don't let any lady that has been mari__ 7 months see you (especially if she is as well as can be expected) it might be attended with bad _______.

as to our getting along it has been a little of the hardest times I ever saw and we have lived harder your ma has stood it well and is quite fat and sassy. my own heath has been bad again part of the time and especially the last two years. I am now about but not well. I am still greatly desirous to go to Texas if I knew how to get there and thought _____stand the trip but I have became to feel that I greatly doubt every getting there unless I went by steam boat. let me know if there is a rail road from Houston into your county and if so how near it comes to you. also how far it is from Waco to Natchatoches on red river and what would be the chance for transportation from there and also whether I could get a stock of cattle to keep on the shores and what is the commentary on which they are let out. whether it would be best to come in the spring or fall. if I should go to that country and want to go at least 150 miles up the (brophy)?? above Waco or if it would be safe from Indians even further up. write to be about these things and also about the country crops and what corn pork and beef could be bought for

if you know of any other business that I could get into. tell Fanie to write about the country and all about its produce and how she likes it now

( ____) Fanie. I must answer a question you asked in your letter viz if I have any union blood in me. I answer not a drop. I hate the yankeys and also them that don't hate them.

I still hate the negros worse and the torys worst of all. I have lived this far and have said what I pleased about the yankeys and their roguish tory (___) and even was so wicked as to be glad when old Lincoln was killed and so expressed it.

but now friend Tom I will pop on to subjects more pleasing and ask you to excuse my for my rash language about the yankeys. for I can't talk about them without getting mad. we have many revivials through this country a great many conveying of but old Humphreys has had but a small divide yet. but hope it will come to our time after a while.

Mr. Link sold your mare 2 or 3 years ago to keep her from being stole and took confederate money and it is now as dead as herings (a clear loss).

My son William was taken out of his house last May was two years ago and murdered and robed by the Jay Hawkers. his wife and children are now living in Hickman County. Sam went early into the war and got home last Dec. John was in the service about one year and was taken prisoner at Chickamany brought back to (Stephenson)?? and was paroled and them ran away from the yankeys and came home. Wesley is taller than John and is going to make the bigest man among them.

I believe I have wrote all that I think would interest you and must close by requesting you to write often and lengthy give me all the news about health crops deer turkeys and fish whether you have any grapes (____) ( ) ( ).

I remain as every your friend and well wisher.

Saml Whitson

P.S. Tom when you write get Fanie to set by and spell for you. Mr. Richey tell papa da la??

P.S. we (savice) ___for Rufus She had a ( ) cattle laste spring She is called the ( ) ( ) John has ( ) him sixty dollars far his John and Wesley worked with Mr. McKinley he is living over the River near Anflaw(sp) ar Tom are Y__ny) men. ______ was killed at the Battle of Atlanta georgia give my best to all grieving friends Mr Richey I wish you could bring Frances to see us I want to see you all John and Family to. I have kept you bed ___?? si____ _____table and glass I wish you had them

I remain your affectnate Mother Catharine Whitson

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Submitted by: Janet Piccola